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The Robins' Club Shop

The Robins' Club Shop is located between the Carole Nash (Main) Stand and the Golf Road end of the Moss Lane ground and is open during every first-team game. An updated price list is to be found in the match-day programme, The Robins' Review. At the start of the 2000-01 season a new range of clothing, marketed as Alty Leisure Wear was launched.

Prices of merchandise, as published on 30 September 2000, are as follows:

Replica shirt 25.00 to 31.00 (home and away)
Polo shirt 16.00
Footballs 10.00
T-shirt 10.00
Baseball cap 5.00 (adult), 4.00 (child)
Bronx hat 5.00
Scarf 5.00
Baseball cap 5.00 (adult) 4.00 (child)
Brass keyring 3.50
Mug 3.50
Teddy bear 3.50
School set 3.50
Autograph book & pen 2.00
Pen & key fob 2.00
Pennant 2.00 (small), 4.00 (large)
Wrist-band 1.50
Car sticker 1.00
Flat cap 1.00
Pen 0.60
Pencil 0.50

The Shop also sells old programmes, photographs and other memorabilia.

To order goods, ring the Club on 0161-928-1045.


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