The Altrincham FC Supporters' Club - TASC

By kind permission of Brian Flynn, the minutes of the Altrincham F.C. Supporters' Club Committee are reproduced below. In due course, the Committee will launch its own website.

Minutes of The Altrincham Supporters' Club (TASC) Committee Meeting,
Saturday, 22 January 2011.


Brian Flynn, Ian Rosendaal, Anthony Wright, Colin Mitchell, Pete Foster, Steve Foster, Grahame Rowley, Ian Mainman (part meeting)


John Edwards, Ian Jones, Dawn Abbott, Gareth Thomas

Minutes of previous meeting that were discussed<.


Start delayed- no progress to date, but to be carried forward to next meeting.


Demand suddenly increased; bookings for next 3 games. Deadline for entries is Tamworth game, to allow dates for semi finals

My Square

Now completed – raised about £112. Thanks to Gareth Thomas for organising this. Agreed to rest this initiative for next season as it has been going for a number of years and is proving more difficult to sell.

New Year Raffle

Sales seem to be poor at present. About £250 banked to date. Agreed to renew focus over the next week or so, draw to be Feb 5th. Agreed to review date/timing for 2012, with possibility of the draw being at end February

Pence in the Pound<

Idea abandoned as not practical.

Golf Day

Plan to hold this in June – agreed to publicise on website and forum from March onwards

Pensioners' Christmas Lunch

Extremely successful again, raised £448.


Requires someone to move this forward. Agreed that Brian Flynn to approach Sarah Rowley


Launch delayed, which affected sales. Calendar sponsor obtained and figure in excess of £250 raised. Detailed statement at next meeting


No progress this month. Brian Flynn to contact Geoff Morris about assistance on this project

Away Travel

Currently slightly down financially. Not currently a major worry. May require a fundraising event to subsidise.

Bottle Bars

Agreed that this needs a formal proposal being put forward to cover the setup for a trial game Brian Flynn to prepare and circulate.

Pint glasses with crest printed. Quoted figure £1. 50p however for volumes of 500. Agreed may be worthwhile at some time, but on hold for now.

Fixture posters

New posters required at end of February. As soon as available, an appeal for posters will be launched

PA system

The immediate problem appears to be need for a new amp - £110. Ian Rosendaal organising fund raising, (Fanfare sponsorship) to cover this. Brian Flynn to ask Rafo for a spec. of requirements for new amp.

TASC website

Development of this is ongoing

Fund Raising 2010/2011 (not already covered in follow up to minutes of last meeting)<

End of Season Race Night

Agreed to be after last game of season against Eastbourne (April 30th). Brian Flynn to approach Race Night ‘company’

Fund Raising and PR ideas

  • 1. Ian Mainman outlined a scheme providing free advertising for local trades people based on ‘honesty commission’ paid by the tradesman for revenue earned
  • 2. Ian also outlined a scheme for personal ads (sales based!) advertising items, with an agreed % commission going to the club
  • 3. Ian outlined an idea whereby traders would pay for the privilege of featuring a high quality image of the club logo in their premises windows
  • 4. A further idea mentioned by Ian was the idea of offering announcements over the PA for Births/Engagements/Marriages etc, for a small payment

    Ian’s message was that we have a valuable brand at a local level that can be better used and commercialised to our advantage To be discussed further with Ian


    No change. However, renewals go out in Feb.

    Financial Report

    Circulated to the meeting & attached – any items arising to be picked up at next meeting

    Any Other Business

    Football Supporters' Federation Affiliate Membership <

    Agreed to join (free)

    Recycling of Mobile Phones

    Agreed that this should be re-launched. Steve Foster to pick up

    Focal point for Fundraising

    It was agreed that it may help if we had a financial target based on a project that the club was launching. Possible that we may have a building project (away turnstile/toilet/catering block), which may require some funding, and this could be suitable. To be reviewed when we understand costs

    Future meetings:

    Next Meeting – Feb 19th @ 11am in the Noel White Suite at Moss Lane. Subsequent meetings planned for March 19th and April 23rd.

    Interim financial report: to 31/12/2010

    Income from completed initiatives:
    Altrincham Festival£325.00
    World Cup predictions£70.00
    Large football card£140.00
    Alty FC Wallets £30.00
    TASC Golf Day (postponed)£0.00
    Real Young & Crazy Horses (postponed)£0.00
    Christmas Fair£470.25
    Pensioners' Christmas Lunch£448.00
    Income from ongoing initiatives: 
    Cult Zeroes to 31/12/10£0.00
    Membership to 31/12/10£400.00
    Penalty Competition£30.00
    My Square to 30/11/10£112.00
    Mobile phones to 31/12/10£90.00
    New Year’s Raffle- figure to be provided at a later date£0.00
    Goal sponsorship to be calculated at the end of the season.£0.00
    Half time bucket collections£484.13
    Coach travel income£4,152.00
    TOTAL INCOME£6,973.38
    Bunting for Altrincham Festival £12.00
    Prizes for World Cup predictions£36.50
    Coach parking at Hayes & Yeading£10.00
    Coach travel expenditure £4,680.00
    TOTAL EXPENDITURE(£4,738.50)

    For reference, TASC account balance is currently £102 after all pending items have cleared, however this allows for the Blyth, Wrexham and Tamworth coaches all having been paid for but without any income yet received.