The Altrincham FC Supporters' Club - TASC

By kind permission of Brian Flynn, the minutes of the Altrincham F.C. Supporters' Club Committee are reproduced below. In due course, the Committee will launch its own website.

Minutes of The Altrincham Supporters' Club (TASC) Committee Meeting,
Saturday, 23 April 2011.

TASC Minutes from Meeting on April 23rd 2011


Brian Flynn, Anthony Wright, Colin Mitchell, Grahame Rowley, Ian Mainman, Pete Foster, Dan Jones, Steve Foster


Geoff Morris, Ian Rosendaal, John Edwards, Ian Jones, Dawn Abbott, Gareth Thomas.

Minutes of previous meeting that were discussed:

  • Predictions:

    Start delayed- no progress to date, but to be carried forward to next meeting. To be carried forward to start of next season. Action: Steve Foster

  • Penalties

    James Fossdyke no longer available as goalkeeper due to signing for Alsager Town. Replacement keeper required. The last heat is at the Cambridge game. Final to be at Eastbourne game. Adam Reid (Youth Team Goalkeeper) to be the goalkeeper for the Semi-Finals & Final. Going to plan, and agreed in principle to repeat this next season.

  • New Year Raffle:

    Final ticket sales estimated to be £1,388, minus costs of £206, equals a profit of £1,182. Next year’s draw to be launched next Christmas with the draw to be held in February/March. Item now closed.

  • Golf Day:

    Requested dates are June 10/17/24 or July 1. Awaiting confirmation from Eric Robinson, Mobberley Golf Club. Altrincham Football Club Golf day is 17th May and this is an acceptable time gap to the club between the two events. Agreed date for this is July 1st. £30 entrance, and to appear in Eastbourne programme as well as Web site and Forum. Action: Brian Flynn.

  • Recycling:

    Requires someone to move this forward. Agreed that Brian Flynn to approach Sarah Rowley. No progress. To be progressed during close season. Action: Brian Flynn

  • Calendars:

    Launch delayed which affected sales. Calendar sponsor obtained and figure in excess of £250 raised. Detailed statement at next meeting. Steve and Pete Foster absent, so to be given at April meeting. 30 x A4 and 35 x A3 produced by Gavin at cost of £284.30 incl. VAT. All but 11 sold – these were given to pubs sponsoring the Club. Sales/sponsorship income was £620, Profit £335.70. Item now closed

  • Bottle Bars It was agreed that Brian Flynn’s proposal (attached) would be progressed with the following amendments:-
    1) Purchases to be made via Jenny Heslop
    2) Bottle Opener needed

    Trial planned for Newport/Eastbourne games – half time only, and Beck’s only. Future progress dependent on outcome of this. Action: To be discussed at next meeting.

  • PA system £110 raised but still short of target to purchase a new amp (£250). An appeal would probably have to be put out for the rest, as the item may have to be bought anyway during the summer. Outstanding problem with PA to be addressed by club during close season. Item now closed

  • TASC Website

    No update. Dan Jones in discussion with a Web Development Company to relaunch. Action: Dan Jones.

  • End of Season Race Night

    Race Night booked and will take place at 8.00pm after final game of season against Eastbourne Borough. No Horses or races left to sell. Pete Foster and Phil Jones to look after Tote, with presentations in between races – for Supporters' Player, Players' Player, Goal of the Season, Young Player, Clubman, and Volunteer. Action: Brian Flynn to arrange voting.

  • Fund Raising and PR ideas

    Pete Foster and Ian Mainman to follow up on the ideas presented by Ian at the January meeting.

    Ian Mainman and Grahame Rowley gave an update on progress, including giving an address at the forthcoming Altrincham Chamber of Commerce meeting. As not everything completely finalised, the club will give a more detailed synopsis but generally it involves a rebranding of the club’s sponsor bond scheme with two types of membership (Platinum and Gold).

    The major move is to make the scheme tangible and visible and provide a real link between the town and the club. The club has many excellent sponsors but only attendees at games would really know them. If you walked through Altrincham town centre there is no visible AFC presence or indication of which local businesses sponsor them.

    The new scheme could be as simple as a basic membership which allows a window sticker of an Altrincham FC Sponsor/Bond holder – a number of businesses approached have indicated that, while they wouldn’t necessarily commit to a bond, they would be happy to make a donation for such a visible option.

    Item ongoing – window and car stickers now produced and shown to meeting.

  • Re-contacting lapsed TASC members

    Geoff Morris went through a progress report on the project he had undertaken on to renew lapsed members. Geoff’s report is attached.

    Further to the report, noted that this re-contacting method had re-engaged a sponsor as a corporate member, who made a donation (Village Carpets). This continues to progress – information in the day's programme and, to date, we have 116 members, with Geoff raising a further £360.

  • Recycling of Mobile Phones

    Agreed that this should be re-launched. Steve Foster to pick up. Advertised in TASC match day page. Plodding on – unspectacular progress – fair number of phones but mostly old.

  • Focal point for Fundraising

    It was agreed that it may help if we had a financial target, based on a project that the club was launching. Possible that we may have a building project (away turnstile/toilet/catering block) which may require some funding, and this could be suitable.

    To be reviewed when we understand costs. No update to this item

  • Radio Robins

    Radio Robins is up and running to a very favourable response from all concerned. Radio Manchester hasn’t covered an Alty game for two years and North Cheshire Radio still isn’t launched. This might be short lived if NCR get started. NCR currently have a test broadcast that they have said we can put on Radio Robins in between programmes.

    We need to make an appeal for technical support and commentators. We’re okay for commentators as it stands now but a good pool is required. BF to ask management if injured/spare players would be available for commentary/interviews. Agreed to wait until the new season though.

    Although a low-cost service, Radio Robins needs to raise money – this could be by advertising on the radio web page or by sponsoring the commentary. Noel White has offered to give a donation to help with costs until the end of the season. Progressed well, with home game transmissions being good, but away a bit patchy

  • Text Alert Service

    Not everyone can get the required information on the internet. Anthony Wright to look into possibilities of a text service. Carried over to next meeting.

  • Goal Rush/Dash

    Paul Salt to come up with proposal for this which, further to report, is not just a case of people giving money but also has a draw every 10 goals and can have a sponsor. Agreed that this will be progressed – Paul Salt to be informed

  • Altrincham Festival

    Takes place on Saturday 2nd July. Steve Foster to liaise with regards to application and arranging possible loan of floats from Dunham Scaffolding, as per last year. This to be progressed at a separate meeting. Action: Steve Foster to organise.

  • Membership Update

    See above.

  • Any other Business (A.O.B.)

    Future of TASC; much discussion re this – three conclusions:
    1) We need to be clear as to whether TASC still has a future as a separate organisation as many of the committee members also have posts within the club, and many of the events organised could be done regardless of TASC .
    2) We need to get more young people involved as fresh ideas are needed.
    3) Agreed that we need a social event that will enable younger members to get involved and, if possible, to take over the committee.

  • Provision of Financial Information

    Ian Jones requires any relevant information re finances for year end (changed to coincide with club year end) of May 31st.

  • Altyebay

    To be launched in next couple of weeks with release in programme, on website and Forum

  • Facebook/Twitter

    Agreed that the club needs a proper presence – not concluded, so further discussion at next meeting.

  • Next Meeting

    Agreed that these should be Tuesdays at 7:30, but no date for next meeting agreed.