From the Board of Altrincham FC to all supporters.

The following text and the above image have been distributed by Board member David Tracey following the Club Meeting on 30 March 2002.

Dear Supporter,

I know a number of people couldnít attend the meeting on Saturday or did but didnít get their response forms back to me. Some people may also be wondering what the initiatives are!

Without further ado, here is a brief description of the initiatives. When you have read them, fill in the form at the bottom and return it to David Tracey.

Best Regards

David Tracey

A brief description of each is as follows:

  • Shares:- A share release is proposed to be taken to the AGM for a new scheme to be made in May 2002. Shares are likely to be £1 each, so own a bit of your club!
  • Alty 100:- To help Alty reach their centenary season, supporters are asked to donate a minimum of £100 either in a single payment or up to five payments (5 x £20) via standing order. As recognition of this contribution, the supporter will be given a limited edition "Alty 100" enameled badge (not available in the shops!). There is also a corporate version of this scheme.
  • Alty 200:- By contributing multiples of £5 PER MONTH, each multiple gives the holder an entry in a monthly draw. The funds are split 65% to the club and 35% to the winner. An example if we got 300 multiples, [this] would [mean] around £1000 to the club and £500 to the winner. In addition "Alty 200" members will be given reduced admission to the ground for UniBond League games.
  • "Get Connected":- I know that everybody does not have a house... but many people do! The club has recently reduced its electric bill by 18%, we are proposing to get a large number of supporters who are willing to convert Gas/Electric or both to be given discounts by a supplier who will in turn give us a healthy contribution/sponsorhip back. Talk to your mums/dads/grandmas, etc.
  • "Can the Can":- Pete Hughes has kindly offered to be the main man on this one. The principle is quite simple. You drink the ale, Alty gets the can (squashed and only alumimum). 18/24 500ml. cans make up around a kilo (if my scales are right!í) and we get 45p for every kilo. Not the greatest money spinner but it makes sense to throw it at Alty.

    I hope you can give your support to one or all of the above!

    Please print off or otherwise send the following details to David Tracey at the Club (address at top of Home Page). David can also be contacted by e-mail here.


    Contact Number

    Please indicated which schemes interest you

  • Shares
  • Alty 100
  • Alty 200
  • "Get Connected"
  • "Can the Can"


    The following is a message from Alty Director, Bob Peters.

    Thanks to everyone who has already come forward and offered to be part of the Alty100 scheme. In response to comments about involving local businesses more with the club, we have also introduced a Corporate Business Sponsorship package. Business' participation will be acknowledged by mention in a 'businesses trade directory' within the club programme.

    Details of the schemes are given below.

    Corporate Business Sponsors will be provided with a certificate of thanks from the club, and an 'Alty100' badge. Business' names and addresses will be acknowledged in the trade directory, which will be published in the club programme throughout the season. It will also be made available on-line through the club web-site. Business sponsorship also includes a ticket to the Centenary Dinner, to be held in 2003, at which all sponsors will be acknowledged. The cost of Corporate Business Sponsorship is £200 + VAT.

    Personal Sponsors are also invited to take part in the 'Alty 100' scheme. Names of personal sponsors will be acknowledged in the programme and participants will be provided with an 'Alty100' badge. The cost of Personal Sponsorship is £100 (optionally payable in five instalments of £20).

    If you are able to support the Alty100 scheme, please contact Bob Peters or Dave Tracey at the club. If you know a local business who may be willing to help support the club, please pass on details to them. We will also be actively promoting the scheme through the Sale and Altrincham Messenger, and by writing to businesses in the area.

    We are hopeful that the scheme can be really useful in getting the club's finances back in order.

    Bob Peters