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Altrincham Youth Team Players,




Courtesy of George Heslop. Statistics relate to all matches, league and cup.

Michael BAILEY 21 4 1
David BERRY 0 3 0
Greg BYRNE 26 0 3
James CARTY 1 8 1
Lewis CHALMERS 0 1 0
Josh COLLINS 16 3 7
Stuart COOK 0 2 0
Chris DAVIS 0 4 0
Adam DOUTHWAITE 20 5 0
Sean EASTWOOD 0 1 0
Joel EKOLONGENI 12 5 6
Francis EVANS 19 3 6
Alex FROST 21 0 0
Barry GEORGE 3 1 0
Paul GLYNN 24 1 4
Mark GRIFFITHS 19 2 2
Richard HARRISON 24 0 0
Todd HAYES 4 0 0
Luke KILLEEN 19 2 12
Keiran LUGSDEN 2 0 1
Kelvin LUGSDEN 2 0 0
Stephen LUNT 20 2 14
Jon McEVOY 25 2 2
Steve McGRATH 4 1 0
Paul NELSON 0 1 0
Anthony POTTS 1 5 0
Mark POVER 1 1 0
Tom READ 1 0 0
Andy SMART 2 0 0
Ian TAYLOR 5 0 0
Steve TAYLOR 12 1 1
Andrew THORPE 4 8 2


These profiles are based on information kindly provided by George Heslop, manager of Altrincham Youth, to whom I am very grateful. Ages given are as at the start of the 2002-03 season. The average age of the 20-strong squad at the start of the season was 17yrs and 3mths. There were 9 sixteen year-olds, 10 seventeen-year olds and 1 eighteen-year old.

Above: Luke Killeen; Joel Ekolongeni; Paul Glynn and Josh Collins; Mark Griffiths.

  • Michael BAILEY (16 years old). Malcolm is a centre-half who has played for Trafford Schools. He is the son of Malcolm Bailey, a former playing legend at Moss Lane. Michael is also an Altrincham & District F.A. player and County trialist.
  • David BERRY (16) David is a central defender who plays on Saturdays with Trafford Reserves.
  • James BREWER (16) A central midfielder recruited from Sale United.
  • Greg BYRNE (17) Greg is a Cheshire Colleges' central defender.
  • Adam DOUTHWAITE (16) Adam is a full-back who was formerly at Bolton Wanderers. He played for Trafford Schools' team for two years and also for Greater Manchester Schools. Adam also played in China on a government-funded tour whilst attending Ashton on Mersey High School. He also currently plays for South Trafford college academy team.
  • Sean EASTWOOD (17) Previously with Macclesfield Town, Sean is a left-sided midfielder.
  • Joel EKOLONGENI (17) Joel is a centre-half or right-back from France, but currently living in Ardwick. He is tall and strong and could become a central midfielder.

    Above: Steve Lunt; Greg Byrne; Richard Harrison; Francis Evans; Adam Douthwaite; Jon McEvoy.

  • Francis EVANS (17) A Cheshire trialist, Francis is a central midfielder who played most of last season with Altrincham Reserves. Has played for first team this season.
  • Alex FROST (16) A right-back or centre-half, Alex was released by Bury F.C. He impressed in the Youth side's last game of last season and is a Cheshire County trialist.
  • Barry GEORGE (16) Barry is a goalkeeper, formerly at Manchester City. He is a local lad.
  • Paul GLYNN (17) Youth team captain Paul has played for Cheshire Colleges. He is a right-back or midfielder.
  • Mark GRIFFITHS (17) Mark (right) is a Cheshire and England Colleges left-back.
  • Richard HARRISON (17) A goalkeeper with the Altrincham & District F.A. and with Styal of the Mid-Cheshire League.
  • Luke KILLEEN (16) A prolific scorer as a 12 year-old, Luke has represented Bolton & District Schools. A forward, he was released by Bury during their recent problem period. Has played for first team this season.
  • Stephen LUNT (16) Steve is a Trafford Schools player who has also appeared for the Altrincham & District F.A. as well as for Altrincham F.C. first team.
  • Jonathan McEVOY (17) A Cheshire Colleges and County squad midfielder. Has played for first team this season.
  • Steven McGRATH (18) A centre-half, Steven has represented Manchester & District F.A. as well as Altrincham F.C. Reserves.
  • Dean MAHONEY (17) Dean is a utility player who was unfortunately one day too old to qualify for the F.A. Youth Cup this season.
  • Anthony POTTS (16) A right-sided player with a strong shot, Anthony was formerly at Macclesfield Town.
  • Ian TAYLOR (17) A left-side midfielder or full-back, Ian has played for Altrincham & District F.A. and Trafford Schools. Ian is pictured right.
    Other players to have emerged during the season are:
  • James CARTY Midfielder.
  • Josh COLLINS Tall, left-side midfielder.
  • Lewis CHALMERS Made debut in last match of season.
  • Stuart COOK
  • Chris DAVIS
  • Todd HAYES Busy central midfielder.
  • Keiran LUGSDEN A striker who joined late in the season from New Mills.
  • Kelvin LUGSDEN Left-back, who joined Alty with his twin, Keiran.
  • Paul NELSON Rejoined towards the end of 2002-03 after playing at the end of 2001-02.
  • Mark POVER Mark played for the RMI Reserves last season before joining Altrincham for 2002-03. He had also won representative honours with the Stalybridge & District F.A. side. A tall midfielder/defender, Mark soon broke through into the Altrincham Youth team's starting line-up but tragically collapsed and died in October 2002, whilst playing for a local Saturday-league side.
  • Tom READ Goalkeeper.
  • Andrew SMART Midfielder, on the books of Macclesfield Town.
  • Stephen TAYLOR Midfielder, who plays on the left.
  • Andy THORPE Striker.

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