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Oporto Trams and
Tram Museum (Museu da STCP)

21 June 2015

Massarelos Tram Museum and Depot, 2011

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Compiled by John Laidlar


Above: left, horse-tram no.8; right, tram 373, in the Massarelos tram museum.

In summer 2015 the STCP tram museum at Massarelos was closed for "remodelling" so a little of what follows may have changed when it reopened in July 2015.

The city's bus and tram operator is S.T.C.P. (Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto), whose web site is an excellent resource for the visitor. As well as transport details, it also has illustrated tourist information. S.T.C.P. grew out of the C.C.F.P. (Companhia Carris de Ferro do Porto) in 1946. In the 1950s the tram fleet stood at 193 motor vehicles and 24 trailers and the network extended over almost 250km. from 1959 the network was reduced. By 1992 only 33 trams survived of which 19 were in daily use. At its nadir the tram network consisted only of a short route from Massarelos depot along the river front to Infante, south of the city centre. But there has been a recent encouraging expansion of routes run by the surviving fleet and these now total three (see below for details).

The site of the STCP museum was owned by the Companhia de Viação Eléctrica do Porto (Oporto Electric Traction Company) from 1907. In 1908 this company merged with the CCFP -Companhia de Carris de Ferro do Porto (Oporto Tramway Company), which had been established since 1873. Mule cars had run in the city since 1874 and electric trams from 1895.

Current Tram Services

For details of exisiting tram routes in Oporto, please visit the Current Routes page.

Massarelos Tram Museum: Museu da S.T.C.P.

Above: Although the museum was closed at the time (summer 2015), it was nevertheless still operating some of its trams, as this view at Massarelos of nos. 143, 203, 218 and, in the distance, no. 205 on route 1E, in June 2015 shows.

The Oporto tram museum is located at Massarelos, near the river front, to the west of the city centre. It is housed in over 1940 sq. metres of covered accommodation adjacent to the operational tram shed on the site of the former STCP generating station, built in 1915. Admission is modestly priced. As you enter the museum you pass through an interesting shop with publications, models and other items on sale at reasonable prices. The main tram shed was at Boavista but its site has now been converted into a huge award-winning Casa de Música (Music House) The tram museum opened in 1992 and is well laid out with a wide range of trams, auxiliary vehicles and artefacts.

Museum Stock

The initial 1992 display comprised 11 vehicles, but it has since been expanded. Adjacent to the museum shed is the operational shed, which is not open to visitors, except by arrangement. Three more exhibits were added in 1993: Other trams have since been added, including: Other operable trams in historic liveries include: